About Us

Class 1843

The Brighton Schoolhouse is the perfect place for families and kids. We’ve got heaps of space and we have one of the only kids’ playground in Brighton! Grab a coffee and sit around the playground to watch the kids.

To start tasting our highly rated food for yourself,

Our seasonal menus combine great locally sourced produce and modern ideas to give our customers menus that are healthy but can also be totally indulgent! So whether you want a quinoa breakfast with truffle oil or the calorie-laden Hotcakes with Nutella, Persian fairy floss and ice cream we have you covered in the cafe.

Since new owners took over at the Brighton Schoolhouse we have all worked very hard to bring our customers what we think is the best produce, menus, drinks etc.

Kids are also well catered for at the Brighton Schoolhouse with their own menu and drinks should parents want to grab one for them. There’s always kids colouring available and the occasional colouring competition for all ages, with every artwork being displayed in the cafe.

Dietary requirements are also never a problem, so if you do have an issue with a particular food, then let us know and we’ll sort it out for you.

If there’s anything you need from us at the Brighton Schoolhouse we’re here to help and make sure you come back again and again.

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